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How a small decision can turn your life around

Well my giddy Aunt its Spring already! That wonderful feeling of cold nights over, new growth on the trees, and the big spring cleanups around the home and may I be so bold to say ourselves?Having the windows open, no more dust from the fireplaces gives me a big incentive for the old spring clean. Its also a great time for us to reboot ourselves. So....what are you going to achieve this week? Me? I just joined the gym! Good Lord I hear you say. Its now been over three months since I haven't had any Chemotherapy drugs so I figure lets get as healthy as I possibly can while I finally feel nearly normal again. I went for my first session the other day, learnt how to use the huge machines, gained knowledge on cardio levels and gave it all a whirl (with supervision!) Having waited for years for that fitness bug to bite I can honestly say it was great fun. I couldn't believe the walking and treadmill things have their own big screen so you can even watch tv, surf the net and loads of other distracting abilities! Great invention. Two days later, feeling like I have been hit by a bloody train I am not giving up. It does take patience and perseverance like most things but no pain no gain? In no time I am sure I will be whizzing round the circuit like all the others. Lessons learned here 1. Don't compare yourself to others

2. Break your goals down into do-able chunks and 3. Just show up.

All of this applies to other parts of our lives as we know. Please let me know what your challenges are this spring, I love hearing from you all.

Until next time, share the love, Gibbo xxx

This isn't me but my hair has started growing!

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