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Get your shit together in 15minutes.

How do you speak to your best friend? So many of us these days are super busy, kind of stressed, and sometimes just feel a bit off the pace. If your friend came to you for help, advice and maybe just a chat what advice would you give them? Yes, sometimes we need to follow our own advice, get where we are going with this? Slow down, take some deep breaths and regroup as I like to say. Are you spending too much time on shit that doesn't really need so much of your attention? Is your house a pig stye and you really need help to get started? Ask for help. Simple. If you don't have access to help straight away, plan for it. Organise times dates etc and pop it in your diary. Right now, what are three things you can accomplish by yourself that will give you back the feeling of being in control of the situation? Set that oven timer for 15 minutes (this seriously works!), bum up and get on with it! Just do it as they say. When the timer goes off, go for another 15 and in no time you will be surprised at how much you can achieve.

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